A.F Faponle

Professor A. Folayemi Faponle:

Ten Best Publications 2013
i. Agbakwuru AE, Faponle AF, Adesunkanmi ARK, Ogundoyin 00 :(2001). Practice and acceptance of day case surgery in a semi-urban Nigerian hospital. East Afr Med J 78: 170-173.
ii. Faponle AF, Soyannwo OA, Ajayi I: (2001). Post-operative pain therapy: a survey of prescribing patterns and adequacy of analgesia in Ibadan, Nigeria. Central Afr J Med 47: 70-74.
iii. Faponle AF, Watt JWH: (2002).A comparison of the efficacy of Alfentanil and Remifentamil
Analgesic infusions for spinal surgery. West Afr J Med 21: 180-182.
iv. Faponle AF :(2002).Anaesthesia as a career- the influence of undergraduate education in a Nigerian Medical School. Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal 9: 11-12.
v. Faponle AF, Sowande OA, Adejuyigbe 0: (2004).Anaesthesia for neonatal
surgical emergencies in a semi-urban hospital, Nigeria. East Afr Med J 81: 568-573. vi. Faponle AF, Ussang Ued: (2007). Post-operative symptoms at home in children following Day case surgery. Mid East J Anaes Vol 19(1): 185-196.
vii. Faponle AF, Makinde ON: (2007). Caesarean Section: Intra-operative blood loss and its restitution. East Afr Med Jour 84 (1): 31-34.
viii. Kuti 0, Faponle AF, Adeyemi AB, Owolabi AT: (2008). Pain relief in labour: a
randomized controlled trial comparing pentazocine with tramadol. Nepal JObs Gynae 3(1):14- 18.
ix.     Adenekan AT, Faponle AF, Azebi AE(2010):Supplemental Oxygen for caesarean section
under spinal anaesthesia. East Afr Med J 87(6):4-7.

x. Adenekan AT, Faponle AF, Oginni FO (2012):Pre-operative haematological investigations in paediatric orofascial cleft repair: any relevance to management outcome? African Journal of Paediatric Surgery :9(1 ):52-56.