Dr Sowande

Dr Sowande
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List of 10 Publications Dr Sowande
1.Bianchi A, Sowande OA,Alizai NK, Rampersad B (1998). Aesthetic and lateral thoracotomy in the neonate. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 33 (12): 1798-1800.
2.Adejuyigbe O, Abubakar AM, Sowande OA,Olasinde AA (1998). Day case surgery in children in Ile-Ife. An audit. Nigerian Journal of Surgery 5 (2):60-63.
3.Sowande OA,Adejuyigbe O, Abubakar AM, Ogundoyin O, Akinkuolie AA (1999). Complications of colostomy in infants and children. Nigerian Journal of Surgery 6 (1): 19-22
4.Sowande OA,Adejuyigbe O, Abubakar AM, (2003). Management of cystic lymphangioma in Ile-IfeNigeria. Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research 5 (1-2): 2-37.
5.Owotade FJ, Ogunbodede EO, Sowande OA, (2003) HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Surgical Practice in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital. Tropical Doctor 33:228-231.
6.Adejuyigbe O, Abubakar AM, Sowande OA,Uba AF, (2004) Experience with anorectal malformations in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Pediatric Surgery International 20 (11-12): 855-8
7.AlatiseI, Adeolu AA, Komolafe EO, Adejuyigbe O, Sowande OA (2006). Pattern and factors affecting management outcome of spina bifida cystic in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Pediatric Neurosurgery 42 (5): 277-283.
8.Sowande OA,Ogundoyin O, Adejuyigbe O (2007). Pattern and factors affecting management outcome of neonatal emergency surgery in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Surgical practice 11:71-75.
9.Sowande OA,Adejuyigbe O (2009). Management of ambiguous genitalia in Ile-Ife, Nigeria: challenges and outcome. African Journal of Pediatric Surgery 6:14-18.
10.Bakare TI, Sowande OA,Adejuyigbe O, Chinda Y, Usang UE (2009). Epidemiology of external birth defects in neonates in Southwestern Nigeria. African Journal of Paediatric Surgery 6:28-30