B.O Adegbehingbe

Dr Bernice O. Adegbehingbe
Adegbehingbe_ surgeryDepartment of Surgery

Top 10 Publications by Dr Bernice o Adegbehingbe
1. Adegbehingbe B O, Majekodunmi AA, Akinsola FB, Soetan EO. (2003) Pattern of Refractive Errors at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife. Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology.11:76-79.
2. Adegbehingbe B O, Fajemilehin B R, Ojofeitimi E O, Bisiriyu LA. (2006) Blindness and visual Impairment among the elderly in Ife-Ijesha Zone of Osun State, Nigeria. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology; 54(1):59-62
3. Adegbehingbe BO, Ajite KS. (2007). Corporal punishment-related ocular injuries in Nigerian Children. Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons; 12 (2): 76-79
4. Adegbehingbe B.O., Taiwo O.A.(2007) Prevalence and pattern of childhood blindness in a resource limited teaching hospital in Nigeria. East African Journal of Ophthalmology; 7: 43-47
5. Adegbehingbe BO, Majemgbasan T A (2007) Ocular health status of rural dwellers in south- western Nigeria. Australian Journal of Rural Health; 15: 269-272.
6. Adegbehingbe O.O, Adegbehingbe B.O., Olorunnisola O.A, Onakpoya O.O. (2008) Ophthofall: A risk factor for falls and fractures among Orthopaedic in-patients in Nigeria The Internet Journal of Ophthalmology and Visual Science. http://www. ispub.com. Vol 5.
7. Adefule-Ositelu A.O., Aribaba O.T., Adegbehingbe B.O., Adefule A.K, Samaila A.A., Oladigbolu K.(2008). Pupillary Changes among Nigerian Adults Following Instillation of Garcinia Kola Nut Extract: Multi-centric Studies. The Nigerian postgraduate Medical Journal; 15 (3): 152-156.
8. Adegbehingbe B.O., Onakpoya O.H. ( 2008) Intra-operative 5fu in Glaucoma Surgery. A Nigerian Teaching Hospital Experience. Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology; 15 (2): 57-60
9. Adegbehingbe B.O., Ouertani A.M. (2009). Confocal Scanning Laser Tomography of the Optic Nerve head of glaucoma patients: Inter-correlation of disc parameters. Ghana Medical Journal. 43(4): 150-6
10. Adefule-Ositelu A.O., Adegbehingbe B.O., Adefule A.K, Adegbehingbe O.O., Samaila E., Oladigbolu K.(2010). Efficacy of Garcinia Kola 0.5% Aqueous Eye Drops in patients with primary Open-Angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension. Middle East African Journal of Ophthalmology; 17(1):88-93