AROWOLO Olukayode Adeolu

 Published Journals Articles   


Published Journals Articles
(i) Arowolo, O. A., Adebamowo, C. A., Ogundiran, T. O. (2006). Spontaneous epigastric hernia causing gastric outlet obstruction: a case report. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Scences. 35:385 – 386.

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*(xv) Arowolo O. A., Agbakwuru E. A., Adisa A. O., Lawal O.O., Ibrahim M. H., Afolabi A. I. (2011). Evaluation of Tension Free Mesh Inguinal Hernia Repair in Nigeria: A preliminary report. West African Journal of Medicine. 30:110 – 113.

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*(xxii) Arowolo. O. A., Lawal. O. O., Adisa. A. O., Adetiloye. V., Afolabi. A. I., Sowande. O. A., (2013) Adulthood Hirschsprung’s Disease a report of 4 cases in Ile – Ife. Nigeria. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences. 42:227 – 282.

(6) Manuscripts accepted for publications
*(xxiii) Arowolo. O. A., Njiaju. U. O., Ogundiran. T. O., Lawal. O. O., Obajimi. M., Adetiloye. V. A., Im Hea. K., Akinkuolie. A. A., Oluwasola. A., Adelusola. A. K., Agbakwuru. A. E., Falusi. A. G., Durosinmi. M. A., Olopade. O. C., Olopade. O. I., Neoadjuvant Capecitabine Chemotherapy in Women with Newly Diagnosed Locally Advanced Breast Cancer in a resource – poor setting (Nigeria) : Efficacy and Safety in a Phase II Feasibility Study. Accepted in The Breast Journal. On 16th of August 2012.
Other Publications
(i) Salako. A. A., Takure. A. O., Olajide. A. O., Arowolo. O. A., (2009). Egberongbe. A. A. Prune belly syndrome in an adult Nigerian – Case Report. African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences. 38:357 – 360.

*(ii) Salako, A. A., Olajide A.O., Takoure, A.O., Sabageh, D., Arowolo O.A. (2011). Metastatic Choriocarcinoma Presenting as Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma: A case report. Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 28:70 – 73.

(7) Manuscripts submitted for publication
(i). Arowolo, O.A., Agbakwuru. E A., Obonna. G C., Akinkuolie. A. A., Olaogun. J. G., Safety Of the Surgeon Double Gloving During Surgical Procedures In The Era Of Increasing HIV/AIDS Prevalence. Submitted in Ghana Medical Journal in October 2013.

(ii). Arowolo OA, Kolawole O A., Olasheinde A., Clinicopathological features of Bilateral Breast Cancer in Ile – Ife Nigeria. Submitted in. West African Journal of Medicine in December 2013.